With all of our history behind us, we’ve decided to make a F.A.Q post for customers both new and old…
If your question isn’t answered here, drop us a message in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

1) Where are you?
We are based in Digbeth, Birmingham, near Moor Street Train Station and Selfridges!

2) How old is the company?
Our family run Pewter company is the oldest one in the world. We have been around since 1779.

3) What is Pewter?
Pewter is an alloy. The typical standard for present-day English Pewter is around 92% tin, 6% antimony and 2% Copper.

4) Does pewter still contain lead?
In certain types of Pewter, lead can be found, however here at A.E Williams we guarantee 100% lead free pewter.

5) How do I clean my Pewter tankard?
Pewter is a very easy metal to maintain and it doesn’t take much cleaning. All we recommend is warm soapy water and for it to be washed my hand. We stress that no harsh bleach based products are used and that they must not be placed in dishwashers.

6) How do I place an order?
All of our products are available via our website: http://www.pewtergiftware.com/

If you are a company looking to order from us, you can message via our website chat feature, drop us an email or order over the phone.

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