How to wear a Pocket Watch…

Pocket Watches are beautiful timeless pieces, and we’re here to show you the right way to wear one.

pocket watch

When dressing formal with a vest or waistcoat, the Albert Chain (named after Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert) will be a nice addition to your outfit, for both a modern or vintage take. Great for a wedding or celebration!

A single Albert chain with the T-bar inserted into the vest button hole allows the chain that is attached to the pocket watch to drape softly into the vest pocket.

You can use either the left or right vest pocket depending on if are left or right handed. Typically a right handed person would place the watch in the left pocket. Always face the watch towards the body as this will make reading the time easier, you will not have to flip the watch around to read the time and it also helps to protect the watch face from impact.

Often the Albert chains will have a fob drop- a short piece of chain the hangs from the T-bar. This is where you can attach decorative fobs, medallions, and fraternity or lodge symbols or simply leave it loose!

There’s such a wide range of Pocket Watches out there, it can be a pit confusing when it actually comes down to choosing the right one for you. They’re available in a wide variety of finishes (Gold, Silver, Platinum) and a variety of movements and styles (Quartz, Mechanical, Half Hunter) and it’s important to get one that you really like and will go with your style and personality.

If you have any questions about winding your pocket watch or setting the time, we have YouTube tutorials which can help.


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