March 2018 Newsletter- Tin, Copper & Antimony.

March 2018 Newsletter- Tin, Copper & Antimony.

In this edition we’ll be talking about the history of A E Williams, the lead uncertainty in the pewter industry and our exciting work with Boadicea and Ahood Alenzi.

.   .   .

A lot of our customers ask us whether it is safe to buy our Pewter and whether certain items like plates/tankard and goblets are safe to eat and drink from.

Firstly we would like to tell you that all of our Pewter is 100% guaranteed Lead free Pewter. Our Pewter mix is made from Tin, Copper and Antimony.

Many years ago, the majority of Pewter included Lead, but after a lot of people started dying from Lead Poisoning, the standards of Pewter were luckily changed and now Pewter must be lead free!


We have a few tips on how to make sure your Pewter is safe:

  • We’d recommend not buying Pewter from an Antique Shop/Car Boot Sale/Ebay as you don’t know where that piece comes from, what people did with it before you bought it and how it’s been stored.
  • Look for the Touch Mark- If you are able to find the stamped little shapes, research the pattern or send off a photo to us and we’ll be able to tell you where it came from and an approximate age. If the piece doesn’t have a touch mark, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to find who made it and what they made it with!
  • Finally, you can get Pewter pieces tested, but this can cost quite a bit of money and is more than likely going to be more expensive than the item itself!

We’d like to stress to you that the majority of Pewter that you come across will be lead free, this is just a short post to help reassure you and some ways for you to double, triple check your Pewter pieces!

.   .   .

Ahood Alenzi is a social media sensation in Kuwait, sharing videos of her views on makeup and beauty, fashion and her daily life to over 1 million followers on Instagram alone.

It was extremely exciting when Ahood visited our Birmingham factory and it was great that we were able to show her, just how her perfume bottles are made and the care that we put into getting the best quality for all of our customers.

Ahood’s fragrances are: The King, Leopard of Arabia and Bravery and they’re all available on Boutiqaat.

We are absolutely delighted in this partnership” commented CEO David Crisp, “Ahood is very much the go to authority for all things fragrance and our new perfumes capture Ahood’s ultimate sense of style and glamour, this, together with the typical Boadicea twist makes them utterly unmissable”.

.   .   .

What’s with these April showers?!

With the weather being a bit rubbish, we’ve cast some of our beautiful hair bobbles to share that lovely feeling of summer with you all!


Each one has a sturdy black hair bobble soldered onto the back and makes the perfect accessory no matter what the weather may bring. We have a range of colours and designs, some which include enamel or a stone and some which may have a celtic design.

We guarantee that they suit any hair colour and any style and will definitely brighten up your outfit on a drizzly grey day!


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