Let’s have some cheese!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to bring out the cheese- not only do we mean the Camembert, Gorgonzola or Manchego, but we also mean that cheesy kind of love.

You know the type…

Chat up lines, cringey love scenes in films and those songs we all know and secretly love!

You might be planning your romantic evening with your partner, you might be having a night in with your best friend, or maybe even going on a blind date- who knows!

Either way, we have some of the greatest and most cheese infused songs, to help you decide on the perfect gift.

.   .   .

If you are a traditional romantic type and you’re getting a bottle of bubbly in as a treat, you just need to have this…

AN5A5606 web

Our beautiful Pewter Ice Bucket will definitely impress and will keep your favourite bottle and the mood nice and chilled.

And you can even pair it with our matching Champagne Glasses!

Sure, you can’t argue with a lovely bouquet of flowers and tasty box of chocolates but why not try something a little bit different…

We have such a wide variety of gifts available there is something for everybody.

Whisky Tumblers, Shot Glasses and Tankards for the drink enthusiasts, Sewing Stations and accessories for the crafty ones or even pendants and cufflinks for the fashion conscious.

.   .   .

If you’re struggling to decide, why not message us on our Facebook page and we will be more than happy to give you a few ideas!

All of our pewter goodies are available on our website!

We would absolutely LOVE to hear about your Valentine’s Day success stories, nightmare dates or some of the best/worst chat up lines you’ve had to suffer through.

Please leave them in the comments!

Wednesday 14th February 2018

We are sending all of our love to you x





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