January 2018 Newsletter- The New Year Blues

In this edition we’re talking about the New Year and what it has in store for A.E Williams! We also help to fight the New Year blues and share some Saint David’s Day treats with you.


.   .   .

Are you suffering from the January Blues?

Monday 15th January 2018 marks Blue Monday- supposedly the most miserable day of the year, can you believe it?!

After having time off to indulge in the celebrations and festivities, it can be really disheartening going back to work- especially when you’ve been used to eating mince pies for breakfast and living in your comfy pyjamas (unfortunately, both of these probably aren’t appropriate in the professional work place).

Personally, we think that chocolate is the perfect little pick me up for when you’re not feeling so good, it just helps give you a little buzz and warmth inside

One of our favourite YouTube videos that we’ve featured in, is at the Chocolate Kitchen at Hampton Court Palace which shows you how we helped to replicate the original Chocolate Kitchen Chocolate items so that they’re fully functioning and can be used in exactly the same way they would have back in Georgian times!

.   .   .

Who even was Saint David?


When is Saint David’s Day?

Thursday 1st March.

The perfect Saint David’s Day gifts…

So, seeing as St David’s Day is around the corner and we cater for customers all over the world, especially across the UK and Ireland!

Because of this, we’ve thought about doing a short series of the best gift picks for the amazing countries that make up the UK and Ireland and Saint David is the first on the list.

Here are our top 5 Welsh Gifts:

  1. Slate Lovespoons- Wales are known for the Slate Mining industry and also their decorative Lovespoon gifts. We’ve combined both to make an extremely Welsh gift which can even be engraved with the initials of your loved ones.
  2. Celtic Dragon Ladies Watch- Our Ladies Watches are the perfect accessory- they can be worn as a pendant around the neck or can be clipped onto a handbag, so you can mix and match. This specific designs features a rich two tone pewter and gold plated combination with the Welsh Dragon taking center stage. Our Watches are available in Quartz and Mechanical movement.
  3. Daffodil and Dragon Shot Glass- Our Shot Glasses are one of our most popular items and it’s available in a selection of different designs (there’s more than one for everybody!). Did you know that the Welsh for leek is ‘Cenhinen’, while the Welsh for daffodil is ‘Cenhinen Pedr’.
  4. Welsh Lady Sewing Station- we’ve decided to incorporate as many Welsh celebrated things as we can into one item- including the Daffodil and the Sheep! Our Sewing Stations come gift boxed and each one has a Thimble, Pin Cushion and Pair of Scissors incorporated into the design.
  5. Welsh Dragon Cufflinks- Cufflinks are the perfect accessory to any outfit, especially when you want a stylish bit of Welsh history. All of our Cufflinks are available in a variety of 4 different boxes and make a perfect little gift.

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Newsletter Sign Up…

We have decided to revamp our entire email marketing system and we’d love it if you became a part of it.

Every month there’ll be exclusive discounts and offers just for you subscribers, you’ll be the first people to see some of our exciting new products and you’ll gain an insight into what factory life is like, here at A E Williams.

Does this sound like something you’d like?

All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of our website and enter and confirm your email address!

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Birmingham born and bred

Are you on Twitter?

Recently we’ve decided to join #BrumHour– a place for anyone and anything celebrating Birmingham can come to share with other people via a Twitter hashtag.

If you’re interested in also celebrating the West Midlands, we’d love to hear from you on Sunday’s at 8pm.

Click here for more information!


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