The Pocket Watch!

Did you know, the first pocket watch was commissioned for Queen Elizabeth I in 1571, and their popularity rose until they became commonplace in the mid to late 19th century.

.   .   .

Nowadays, Pocket Watches are mainly used if you’re off to an event or even part of the Wedding party, but we feel that they are a fabulous item that really needs to be shown off more.

Here at A.E Williams, we have many reasons as to why you need a Pocket Watch in your life and maybe we can convince you…

First of all, watch collecting is a big thing. Our very own Stephen Johnson absolutely loves finding hidden gems, vintage pieces or giving some TLC to some that aren’t in the best shape.

We asked him why!

Q: Why do you like collecting watches?

A: In the modern day that we live in, everything seems to be very digital based and quite technical. Even though you have watches such as the Breitling Emergency Watch which sends out a distress signal and uses GPS to find you, you still have traditional watches that are perfectly engineered and tell us the time!

Q: Do you really wear them all?

A: Yes!

Q: What’s your favourite watch that you currently have?

A: My favourite watch is my Baume et Mercier Capeland which I was given for my anniversary and my favourite Pocket Watch has got to be my J W Benson which I love even more because it’s a key wind.

Q: What have you worn a Pocket Watch for?

A: I tend to wear them for smart events and to look a bit different. Pocket Watches aren’t as common these days, so it’s nice when you see them in action.

.   .   .

It’s always good to have a selection!

Watches are a great accessory for both Males and Females. With the variety out there, you’re guaranteed to find one that you like.

Here at A.E Williams, we mainly do Full Hunter and Double Hunter watches, meaning there’s a cover/or two that you have to open to be able to see the mechanism and keep it safe and in good condition!

There’s also Open Face, Half Hunter and Double Half Hunters.


Photo credit: MarCels

.   .   .

It’s always good to stand out from the crowd and isn’t it just the best feeling when someone compliments an item of clothing that you’re wearing or an accessory?

We’ve decided to sway from tradition and make a Pocket Watch aimed at Women.

Of course, we encourage Pocket Watches, whether they’re for Men or Women, but for those women who want something a little bit smaller, we’ve decided to make a Ladies Pocket Watch, both with a bag chain and pendant chain so it can be customized with different outfits.

They’re only approximately 2cm big so they are a beautiful alternative pendant.

a e williams ladies watc


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