May 2017 Newsletter- Our time at Pewter Live (and much more)

May 2017 Newsletter- Our time at Pewter Live (and much more)

In this edition we talk about 2017 Pewter Live, helping you prep for this year’s Father’s Day and making you desperately want to go out and travel the world with our pewter pieces!

.   .   .

Pewter Live 2017 Catalogue 

We’re back again!

 Pewter Live was open to the public for free on Wednesday 24th May 2017 from 10:00-12:00 and 15:00-17:00 and we had an amazing time getting to meet some lovely people.

Huge thanks to everybody that came to see us!

We decided to showcase our beautiful Pewter decanters this year. One being a round swirl design with a spherical top and one pyramid shaped, featuring a Stag and Thistle design with an intricately detailed Stag top.

They are £185 retail and £74.95 trade.

Congratulations to everybody who took part in pewter live, your entries were absolutely beautiful and you should all be proud!

For more information, visit the Pewterer’s Hall website:

.   .   .

Father’s Day is near so we’re going to give you a few genius ideas for what you could give to him this year!

As we all know from experience, socks, chocolates and alcohol are great go to ideas, but why not try something personal that really shows your dad that you care.

1) Is your dad an outdoorsy kind of fella?
If so, we have a great selection of Journeyman Watches, coming in a variety of 13 different designed fronts, from Fishing, Golfing and Shooting activities to beautiful traditional Celtic designs.
Each one comes in a presentation box and is able to be clipped to a belt loop, making it easy to carry along with you and keep track of the time on all of your adventures!

2) Alcohol is a great gift idea if your papa loves a tipple, but why not let him drink to his heart’s content with one of our Pewter Glasses!
We have Whisky Glasses, Wine Glasses, Champagne Glasses and Shot Glass Holders!

3) Is your father a dapper guy?
If so, our Pocket Watch and Cufflink sets would be a great addition to his three piece, don’t you think?
We have both Mechanical and Quartz Pocket Watches with a huge amount of fronts available, including Sherlock Holmes, traditional symbols and sporting ones.
All of our Pocket Watches are also available to be engraved for £5 extra!

4) Is your Pa a traditional man?
If so, our traditional pewter pieces are a great addition to any household and make great gifts.
Tankards, Goblets, Plates, Candlesticks and Jugs are made from traditional brass moulds that were used over 500 years ago!
We are able to engrave these pieces too, so that it’s more personal to the receiver!

.   .   .

As many of you know, we work closely with the lovely Boadicea the Victorious Perfume company.

They recently changed up their website and it looks absolutely great! You can even see us featuring in their tutorial video, showing how we create the beautiful Bottle Fronts, Caps and Backs!


.   .   .

I’m going to the chapel and I’m going to get married!

With the Wedding season surrounding us, we have some goodies available.

Whether you need ideas for Congratulation’s presents or if you are the Bride or Groom and are looking for gifts for the Wedding Party!

wedding gifts

.   .   .

Come with us on a magical Travel Tuesday!

This month our beautiful St Christopher watch (Patron Saint of Travellers) is in the absolutely breathtaking Blue Mountains in Australia.

Hats off to our friend Rory for taking a part of us with him on his travels, and showing us the beauty that he gets to see.


Fancy visiting the Blue Mountains yourself? Why not have a look here

.   .   .

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