April 2017 Newsletter – Fashion! Turn to the left

In this edition, we urge you to become chocolate champions, get excited about the upcoming Summer and tell you all about next month’s Pewter Live!

.   .   .

Earlier this month, Sam Williams and his wife Julia embarked on a once in a lifetime trip, to cross the Arctic Circle, over 250km by Dog Sled, to raise money for Dementia UK.

They raised over £3000 for a wonderful charity and got to see some wonderful sights!

Well done!


.   .   .

Now that the clock’s have turned back, we are truly ready for Summer.

Even though we are in Britain and have to be realistic about the amount of times we’ll actually notice the sun this year, we still want to feel Summery…

And our Hair Bobbles are just the thing!

They suit all different hair colours and styles, whether you have straight dark hair, or extremely curly ginger hair, we have a design for you.

Our designs consist of a beautiful pewter front with rich enamel colours, stones or a celtic design and a hair band!

hair bobbles

Each Hair Bobble comes with a stretchy black elastic hair bobble.

Take a look at our Hair Bobble range!

.   .   .

“What a great day at the London College of Fashion seeing the early entries for Pewter Live Competition!
We had the opportunity to talk with some of the students about their pieces and also speak to the technicians who were helping them.
We are looking forward to being able to offer more support to the college and working closely with them in the future” – Sam Williams

17360851_1863435523941830_1260632657_n (1)

.   .   .

Easter is OVER, but you might still have a never ending tower of Easter eggs and chocolate treats looking down on you…or you might have been determined and scoffed the entire lot!

This is the time we need you to dig deep and channel your inner Bruce…


.   .   .

Our Shot Glass Holders are extremely popular and we hope to create even more designs for our customers!

So far we have an enamelled dot design, thistle design, claddagh design, dragon and daffodil design, stag design and a never ending swirl design.

shot glass holders newsletter.jpg

All 6 designs are available on our website for £15.00 and at a trade price of £5.50 each.

.   .   .

Pewter Live is BACK and we can’t wait to be there.

Our very own Sam Williams will be there to show off our pieces and judge some beautiful pewter designs!

It is open to the public on Wednesday 24th May from 10:00 – 12:00 and 15:00 – 17:00

Pewterers’ Hall
Oat Lane

.   .   .  


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