March 2017 Newsletter- Pictures, Pewter and Possible competition winners

March has been a great month for us, full of beautiful new product images, the results of a cracking Mother’s Day competition and some snaps from Hampton Court Palace!

.   .   .

As many of you know, we absolutely love running competitions via our Facebook page!

In honour of Mother’s Day, we decided to try out a funny caption competition for this photo, to be in with the chances of winning £30 worth of A.E Williams Pewter gifts, for your mum this Mother’s Day:


We’ve had some absolutely cracking responses- some too rude to share in this Newsletter, however after much deliberation, we have chosen our favourite caption…

*drum roll please*

Congratulations to Kayleigh Platt!

We are absolutely ecstatic to tell you that this competition reached over 27,000 people! How amazing is that?!

.   .   .

A few months ago, we decided to have some pictures taken to show off our pewter pieces. After being delighted with how they looked, we knew that we had to have more!

Late in February, Josh Foster, a Photographer studying at Birmingham University, took some of our items and worked his magic at the beautiful Rose Villa Tavern in Birmingham.

What do you think?

a e williams watch.jpg


Keep your eyes peeled, hopefully we’ll have even more photos to share with you next month!

To look at some more of Josh’s great work, check out his website and social media…

.   .   .

Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to work with the lovely people at Hampton Court Palace!

We recently returned to refurbish our Pewter​, ready in time for Easter. Our pewter can be found within the Tudor kitchens and Store rooms. It can also be seen at the Top table in the Great hall!

Below you can also see the beautiful pieces that were designed for the Chocolate Kitchen, which are used to replicate original methods used.



.   .   .

We absolutely LOVE seeing pictures from you, of you and your favourite pewter pieces.

It’s great to see you all enjoying your gifts and sharing your joy with us!

On instagram, many happy customers use #aewilliams to share their pictures with us, so we can share them on our social media sites and see them in use!


.   .   .


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