February 2017 Newsletter- The A.E Williams tour!

We’ve had such a busy few weeks full of shows and travelling all over the UK, so we’ve decided to share some show pictures with you. This month also celebrates the release of our beautiful new Ice Bucket and our highly popular Travel Tuesday theme.

.   .   .

After an absolutely exhausting 2 months, we can finally say that our 2017 trade fairs are over for the time being.

We have been from London, to Glasgow, to Wales and then back to Birmingham in the space of just a few weeks!

It’s been amazing being able to meet new customers and have a catch up with previous and current customers too. We have had such amazing comments about our Shot Glass Holders and hope to create another design in the near future.

Thanks to everybody for visiting us at the shows, we really appreciate it!


.   .   .

It’s such an exciting start to 2017!

We’ve decided to expand our Glass range even more by trying out an Ice Bucket.
The beautiful Pewter design clings to the Glass Bucket in such an intricate and delicate way.

It’s an absolutely great idea as a dinner party centrepiece and will definitely get people talking and admiring your luxurious style!

AN5A5606 web


If you’re interested in ordering one of our Ice Buckets then please contact us or place an order via our retail website.

The product code is ICEB01 and it’s trade price is £74.95 and it retails at £190

.   .   .

Hurry up!

We honestly can’t wait for Game of Thrones to return to our screens!

We’re dying to see our favourite characters and our famous pewter pieces appear in the much anticipated series 7!

game of thrones tyrion

.   .   .

We’ve recently had some lovely pictures sent to us that show off our products around the world! So far we’ve had photos sent to us from Australia, Dubai and Chicago!

We love knowing that our pewter is across the world and really encourage customers to keep sending in their photos to us, so we can post these pictures across our website and social media accounts.

Here are a few that we’ve had already…


.   .   .


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