November&December 2016 Newsletter- Let’s get festive!


In this edition we express our uncontrollable excitement for Christmas and we give you lovely customers and readers some essential pewter gifts for this festive season!

.   .   .

Every year, the A.E Williams family design a brand new Limited Edition Christmas Tree Hanger for the year!

This year, we’ve decided to incorporate the year 2016 into a decoration featuring traditional festive goodies, such as a Poinsettia, Christmas Cottage, Christmas Tree and Holly and Berries!

You can get your very own Limited Edition Hanger here

We’d also like to congratulate Emma Hall in Nottingham for being our Competition winner! We really hope that you love you decoration!

christmas (2).jpg

Germany is credited with starting the Christmas tree tradition during the 16th century when Christians brought decorated trees into their homes. Some built Christmas pyramids of wood and decorated them with evergreens and candles if wood was in short supply, however nowadays a lot of us are more used to the pretty twinkly lights, tinsel and hangers!

.   .   .

We know that buying presents can be so stressful, so we’ve decided to give you a few little present ideas for the people you love most!

  1. Sewing Stations are a great gift idea for the creative ones among us! We all have those friends or family members who are crazy for crafts and trying new hobbies. Our Sewing Stations come in over 20 different designs and are complete with thimble, pin cushion and scissors. A perfect addition to any craft bench!
  2. Whisky Tumbler Holders are an essential for anybody, no matter what their tipple might be. Whether it be Rum, Whisky, Brandy or even Vodka, these glasses and their holders are a great little treat for a night by the fire. We currently have 2 different designs and plan on creating more!
  3. Hair Bobbles are a perfect stocking filler that suit people of any age, be it for your Grandma or Granddaughter! We have a variety of colours created by beautiful gems or vibrant enamel combinations. They suit all different hair styles and colours and are a great outfit addition.
  4. Sherlock Holmes is returning to our screens and we have a whole Sherlock Holmes range of goodies for you detective fans out there, from Fridge Magnets and Keyrings to Pocket Watches and Hand Magnifiers! Become your very own Holmes or Watson with these lovely little stocking fillers or mini gifts.
  5. Archibald Knox Clocks really do suit all rooms of the house. With their delightful colour combinations they really are an eye catcher! If you know somebody who takes pride in their home decor, or maybe you know someone who is moving house soon, these clocks really are a must have for any home, especially seeing as we’ve recreated over 20 original Archibald Knox designs!

.   .   .

And to play us out of 2016, we give you, The Pogues and Kirsty McColl singing Fairytale of New York!


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