August&September 2016 Newsletter- Whisky, Whisky and even more Whisky!

In this edition we talk about all things Whisky due to the launch of our Whisky Tumbler Holders, our time at Top Drawer and helping you get a few gift ideas!

.   .   . 

“Well, show me the way, to the next Whisky bar”

The idea of distillation was not fixed until comparatively recently. The technology developed in numerous cultures, at different times, and came to mean different things to different craftsmen. For example, around 2500 years ago Greek sailors boiled sea water to get a drink. Around 2100 years ago, following the same process to get spirit from wine was common. The Greeks used a container with a small mouth, covered by a bowl.

Later, a tube and a vessel at the bottom to catch the spirit were added, giving us something similar to the stills we know today. Alchemists in Alexandria has several different still types by the 1st century A.D, using them as much as part of a ritual as for the elements they produced. In fact, the fire and spirit of distillation, the mystic and chemical, remained entwined for centuries – it was the Persians and the Arabs who began to move the process towards a science, using large, elaborate stills to experiment in the 9th and 10th centuries. Although these early chemists apparently succeeded in distilling spirits, they too were on a quest for the elixir of life.

.   .   .

Speaking of Whisky…

To celebrate one of the best drinks in the world, we have decided to expand our Shot Glass Holder range, by designing a slightly bigger Pewter Glass, big enough to enjoy a healthy drink of Whisky!

Whisky web

.   .   . 

Over the years, our Lovespoon range has expanded massively, so that we can help give you some gift ideas for any occasion! Whether it be to celebrate 20 years of friendship, an engagement or christening, or welcoming someone into a new home!

We’d like to share with you, some reviews that we’ve had recently of just a few of our Lovespoons!

lovespoons (2).jpg

“Ever since I came to Wales, and probably a bit before that, I have always given Welsh lovespoons to family, friends, lovers, and family members to celebrate unity, marriages and friendship. For the first time in my life I am in a relationship during which a grandchild has been born to my wife and where I have been accepted as a grandfather. I am so-o-o-o blessed. When we decided we wanted to get a gift for the newborn (as yet un-named) I went on an internet hunt. It is no secret that I like o look ‘out-of-the-box’ for something unusual. I found my way onto Etsy ( and then onto A. E. Williams’ Pewter ware. The rest was easy. The range was not only fantastic but very interesting. The six-inch New born Baby Lovespoon was exactly what we were looking for: an unusual and special keepsake for our new grandchild. Thank you A. E. Williams.”- John

“I was extremely pleased with the spoon it was much more expensive looking than I imagined just from seeing it on the picture my daughter and son in law really loved it if anyone is looking for a different kind of present the pewter spoons for whatever occasion are perfect.”- Angela

“We purchased this for a Silver Wedding present. It was lovely, well crafted and beautifully presented. We would definitely look at buying from this company again.”- Ron

.   .   .

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