July 2016 Newsletter – It’s all about Colour!

In this edition we talk about some of our new items in our highly popular Archibald Knox range, Game of Thrones series 6 and Top Drawer 2016!

.   .   .

Many of you recognise us, not only by our beautiful pewter, but also by the stunning combination of blue and green enamel in our recreations of the Archibald Knox clocks which we make here in the factory.

Each clock is cast, polished, soldered and enamelled entirely by hand here in Birmingham before leaving us.

Archibald Knox was a designer and artist from the Isle of Man. He was an influential man with his intricate and eye catching designs. His pioneering and prolific work bridged the Arts and Crafts Movement, Celtic Revival, Art Nouveau, and Modernism.

We hope to keep on adding more and more items to our Archibald knox range and to see the whole range, visit here

archibald knox (2)

.   .   .

I think we can all remember this extremely awkward and tense scene in season 6, episode 6 “Sam Steals”, and I’m pretty sure that we can all agree that we’re team Sam.

game of thrones goblet

Either way, throughout this scene, you may have spotted a certain goblet on the table…It’s our famous Tudor Goblet which has appeared throughout Game of Thrones, such as here, but in a different finish- polished vs antique:


.   .   .

September 11th-13th, we’ll be exhibiting at Top Drawer in London, on stand Q42.

We’d love to meet some new people, so if you’re also going, feel free to pop by and introduce yourself.

We’ll be bringing the majority of our giftware range with us!

.   .   .

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