June 2016 Newsletter – Pewter, Football and a really big Church font.

In this edition we talk about some beautiful new additions to our giftware range, our upcoming appearance at the Harrogate show in July this year and the huge font we created for St Mary the Virgin’s Church in Iffley, Oxford, and a few other stories.

.   .   .

new flasks

After popular demand, we’ve added 2 new additions to our ever growing Luxury Hip Flask range. The first being a beautiful celtic Sporran shaped 6oz flask, and the second being a woven 6oz flask with a gold plated fly fishing centre piece.

So far we have 18 different designs but are hoping to continue adding more to the collection and would love to know which is your favourite!

Hip Flasks are a great gift idea, especially for summer. Each one comes complete in a beautiful presentation box and a little funnel, to help pouring your drink of choice with no hassle.

.   .   .

As many of you know, we returned to Pewter Live this year for an amazing time, as usual.

2 years ago, the A.E Williams team and our wonderful friend David Dai Thomas of Snooty Fox Jewellery LTD, managed to create a pewter font for the St Mary the Virgin Church in Iffley, Oxford.

It is the largest piece of Pewter in the public area commissioned in the past 200 years and it was engraved entirely by hand by David.

The piece was designed by Nicholas Mynheer, Roger Wagner and Luke Barton. and brought to life by us.

After a few touch ups, it was even shown at Pewter Live this year!

pewter live font

.   .   .

Attention football fans!

With the Euro 2016 going on at the moment, we’ve decided to share some history with you!


Every player in the UEFA Champions League receives a medal for their participation, and in 2010 we were lucky enough to be asked by UEFA to supply them. Each medal was gold plated with the UEFA Champions League logo across the back.

.   .   .

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